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Coaching & Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is embodied mindfulness in action.

The Alexander Technique has been used for over a century as an educational method for abandoning harmful habits and stresses in the mind and body. It, much like other forms of mindfulness, teached us how to become conscious of the ways in which we use ourselves in everything that we do. Through a process of recognizing and unlearning, we can change faulty postural and movement habits and reach for our optimal functioning.


Though many come to the Alexander Technique to alleviate pain and tension, it can also be used to enhance performance. Musicians, singers, dancers, and actor benefit from the improvements in breathing, coordination, and vocal production. However, the technique can help anyone who is looking to bring better functioning into their lives.


Alexander Technique informs my coaching practice as well. My private coaching practice is all about helping you achieve your best self and accomplish what you put your mind to. Whatever you are looking for, I'm here to help you find it, whether it be movement, thinking, or somewhere in between. Lessons are always tailored to you. Your curiosity calls the shots, and everything is fair game. Reach out to me at to discuss my offerings.

Private Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique is a lifelong learning skill that can help relieve excess stress and tension.  Through relearning and undoing, we can let go of the harmful habits that bind us and find a new freedom and ease in movement and in life.

Often used by performers, but useful to anybody and everybody, the Alexander Technique is embodied mindfulness in action.


Acting and Performance Coaching

Got a big audition?  Just want to try it out?  I offer acting and performance coaching just for such occasions.  Drawing on my fifteen plus years as an actor, director, and teacher, I can offer coaching to performers of any experience level.  Just starting out?  I can help.  Experienced performer in need of a fresh eye?  I can help.  Unlock that creative urge and reach out.


Group Alexander Technique Lessons

The pursuit of freedom and ease need not be a solo journey.  A group lesson or workshop in the Alexander Technique is an excellent way to introduce many people to this work.  This is an excellent way to develop group cohesion while at the same time letting go of those harmful habits that get in our way.


Executive Presence Coaching

For people leaders who are becoming worn down, Executive presence coaching offer a package of strategies for dealing with the rough and tumble of today's business world.  Comprising somatics, speaking and presentation skills, and stress management techniques, this program is designed to help the busy executive to maintain their own health and energy while still taking care of business.


Home Office Consult

We're all working from home a lot more now, and I can help make that a more comfortable and productive experience.  Using somatics and performance-based approaches, we can work together to make your workspace into a vital and creative place.


Teambuilding through Theatre & Improv

The best leaders are only as good as the teams they lead.  Improve communication, cohesion, and confidence in your team while at the same time having a little fun and unleashing their creativity.  Your group will emerge from these session as better collaborators, and that's good for everybody.



Do you think you or your team needs something not listed above?  Contact me with your ideas and we'll work out a plan that accomplishes your goals while stimulating your team to new heights of collaboration and performance.

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